Windshield Wipers in Kirkcaldy Fife

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Wiper blades from Bosch - Wipe better for longer

With Bosch wiper blades, you are sure to have a clear field of vision:

Renowned Bosch Quality translates into superb wiper performance throughout an extended service life. Bosch windshield wipers rely on innovative technology for maximum visibility and optimal safety.

Bosch has reinvented the windshield wiper - Aerotwin

With the Aerotwin Bosch has redefined innovation with a design that combines optimal wiping efficiency with maximum convenience.

Superbly effective, even at high speeds and under critical conditions

  • Evodium flex rails custom-designed for ideal performance in each individual vehicular application.
  • Balanced force distribution and optimal aerodynamics to clear every portion of the swept range with unexcelled efficiency.

Enhanced convenience

  • Minimum wiper-induced wind noise thanks to reduction in aerodynamically exposed surface area
  • Improved winter performance, with no ice formation on joints and metal frames
  • Innovative plug-on connection for ultimate ease in blade replacement

Innovative design from Bosch

  • The perfect marriage of form and function
  • Elegant and extremely planar styling replaces joints and frame braces
  • Integral aerodynamic spoiler
  • Custom-designed evodium flex rails for a perfect fit

Extended service life

Even distribution of application force inhibits uneven wear
This balance also enhances resistance to insects and stubborn dirt
Tried and tested Twin dual-component technology for wiper blades

Bosch wipers for the rear window

With the growing numbers of MPVs, squareback vehicles and vans on our roads, you can't always count on having a clear view out back. Rain and dirt quickly turn the rear window into a visibility and safety risk.

Bosch rear-window wipers ensure that your view remains unobstructed under these difficult conditions - with reliable, safe and lasting high quality.
Bosch windscreen wipers
aerotwin wipers from bosch
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