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Hunter HawkEye Elite TD 4 Wheel Alignment

4 Wheel alignment and tracking for all passenger and light commercial vehicles using  digital imaging cameras, the HawkEye aligners take constant images of the reflective targets, attached to the wheels. Capturing the orientation and position of each wheel in order to give rapid and live alignment readings.
Hunter HawkEye Elite TD 4 Wheel Alignment
Your vehicle will first be assessed according to condition, load and tyre type, to determine if there are any existing problems that may affect the safety or handling of your vehicle.

If we find any faults, we will recommend replacement or repair of any affected components, such as wheel bearings, ball joints, track rods, suspension etc. before we make any wheel alignment adjustments.

Measurements are taken and the geometry of your suspension and steering components are adjusted according to the manufacturer's specifications.

These adjustments to Camber, Caster and Tow-Out and Tracking are important to the stability and safety of your vehicle on the road in all driving conditions.

Poor adjustment can cause or lead to:

  • Tyre Noise
  • Tyre Wear - Reduced Lifespan
  • Problems with handling
  • Road Shock
  • Poor fuel economy
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Save money on dealership prices without affecting your manufacturer's warranty.

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CB Auto Service (Fife) Ltd., Forth Avenue Industrial Estate, Kirkcaldy, Fife. KY2 5QW
Company Registration No: SC510747 | VAT No: 227 161 721
Registered Office: James Hair & Co., 59 Bonnygate, Cupar, Fife. KY15 4BY
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